Gilford Whisk

Owner and Innkeeper at the Quest's End Inn.


Human Fighter
Age: 58


Gilford is a tall, stout, red faced, red bearded bald man. Sailor tattoos on both arms and an eyepatch to boot, Gilford looks like he’s been around the world a time or two. He is usually dressed humbly, wearing simple cotton shirts and denim pants. His beard hangs down to his somewhat growing belly with gold ringlets much in the style of dwarven beards.


Gilford used to be an adventurer, til he took an arrow to the…eye. He knew that he had pushed his luck too far and decided to settle down. He took his loot and bought the Inn with the prettiest barmaid, and then married said barmaid. These days he mostly sits around his common room singing songs and entertaining his patrons while his son in law has taken over day to day operations of the inn. His wife Sally spends her days with her grandchildren while her daughter helps out at the inn. Gilford’s one claim to fame is that he once arm wrestled a goliath and won. He loves to tell his patrons how he was so drunk he had his helmet on backwards and apparently kept yelling “Over the top!!”, whatever that means. He is not the typical citizen of Athkatla.

Gilford Whisk

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